International Women’s Day

BikeWeek 2019!

Let’s all celebrate the contributions of those who pioneer as…

In regards to International Womens Day (WRN). 

We are proud to announce the exciting news that WRN founder, Genevieve Schmitt, has been presented with the 2019 American Motorcyclists Association (AMA) Bessie Stringfield Award! This award was created in memory of AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer, Bessie Stringfield, and is presented annually to an individual who has been instrumental in bringing emerging markets into the world of motorcycling.

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BikeWeek 2019  – what a week!

You might want to try to win this year’s 2019 Official Bike Week Motorcycle…  getch yer ticket today at  2019 Bike Week Daytona Beach  March 8 – 17 – 2019

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Did you register for Big Daddy Rat’s Chopper Show tomorrow? 

It’s not too late….

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe & fantastic time at 2019 BikeWeek on the World’s Most Famous Beach!

See you there! Blue Skies

HarleyWood [;-{)