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HEY! So we made it thru BikeWeek 2017 & it was a GREAT SHOW! Got a little ‘chilly’ mid-week but we survived & it didn’t snow… I’m sure everyone there got a real eyefull of some very cool machines between Main Street, Tattoo Willie’s, Rat’s Hole Custom Chopper Show & of course Destination Daytona – whew! what a ride.

I’ve got about 1/2 of the pictures I took up & the rest are in the process of setting up them for the web – you can find them at the link on the MENU page. Next up is a special feature I’m working on right now – an exclusive interview with world class custom chopper designer & French ex=patriot, CYRIL HUZE with his own particular insight on the show, the machine & the future of the motorcycle movement in the United States. Please check it out & leave a comment for me or Cyril with your observations & reflections of your personal experience in Daytona Beach.

Stay tuned…
Stay Safe & Blue Skies ~ [;-{)